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Fresh & Local

Near You

Our Products Are

  • Non-GMO

  • Pesticide Free

  • Chemical Free 

  • Steroid Free

Harvest Time

We harvest on delivery or pick-up day.

Quality Over All

Choosing our products means choosing better quality, flavor, and longer shelf life than mass-produced farm products.

No Guessing Game

You know exactly where your food comes from pretty much right to the exact field or growing tray!


Fair price for value, flavor and freshness!​

Best Part is You

Best of all we have happy and repeat customers because we do not waiver from the standards we put in place for ourselves. in order to serve you only the best!

We Go Above & Beyond

We Go Above & Beyond

Garden Salad Share
Imagine getting your favorite greens and herbs freshly harvested and delivered directly by the grower himself.
Joining this program, you will not have to worry about long term contracts or worrying about having to order every week. It will help you save money, eat fresh and clean, and you will always know where your products came from.
If this is something you may be interested in, connect with our grower so we can get you set up!

1. Shop the Farm

Select your weekly 3 packaged micro-sized vegetables and herbs.

Get creative with your mix or take advantage of the Chef’s creation for the week!

choose from:

  • Grass Fed & Finished Beef

  • Pastured Pork & Poultry

  • Raw Milk & Dairy Products

  • Eggs, Honey, Produce 

  • Bulk and Box Programs

3. Choose the Frequency

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Once per Month or On-Demand for a special menu

4. Enjoy! 

Cook your masterpiece and enjoy the right combination of flavors, nutrients and freshness week after week


“We have really enjoyed all the micro-greens, herbs, sunflower shoots, and pea shoots from Naturally Grown Farms. The micro-greens are healthy, fresh, and tasty. Cole is good at coming up with new and different salad mixes!  He works to ensure his products are at their freshest and highest quality. We have also enjoyed his farm-fresh eggs with bright yellow yokes!  Looking forward to trying his new products as they become available. Pick up is easy and delivery is free!!


“Just FYI, the new containers are awesome and the greens stay fresh for days. I am so thrilled to have found your farm on the CSA site. I love your greens!!

Dr. Carol

“We LOVE Naturally Grown Farm 

eggs. They are Pasture Raised without antibiotics or steroids and they are Non-GMO which is in alignment with my health values as a Doctor of Naturopathy and health-conscious consumer. My husband and I also really enjoy their fresh sprouted microgreens! Cole is courteous, friendly, and delivers weekly fresh to our door! My husband and I highly recommend supporting this local farm."

La Dohn

“Thank you so much for taking time to educate me on your products. Tour salad mix is going in our spinach, pears and nuts for our side salad tonight, Can’t wait. Thx again!!"

Restaurant Looking to Sample?

1  —

You Order

Make your order online BY MIDNIGHT on SUNDAY so that we can PLANT that order when we wake up Monday morning!

2  —

We Plant

All orders made by midnight on Sunday are now ready to be planted  Monday NOT picked up just yet.

3 —

We Wait

As you know, all plants take time to grow... so you and I, we have to wait for the deliciousness to grow.

4 —

We Harvest

All that wait was worth it because we waited to harvest your order at it's PRIME!

5  —

Finally, All Yours!

After your order is done growing, we will contact you to make pick up or delivery arrangements. Your order can be delivered, or picked up at the Farm or host locations. 

So Just Remember...

Ordering does NOT mean it's available to pick up, please check your email for pick up date

Order every week by midnight on Sundays

(or join our Garden Salad Share programs for pre-planned orders)

We stand for never wasting food and only serving products at its prime...

Order Process

you're probably thinking "what does that mean?"
COVID-19: We are taking extended measures to ensure safety and wellness while continuing to provide farm-fresh products to our communities. Learn More.

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Poultry, Raw-Milk, Cheese, Produce and More 

Purchase as Needed or for Convenience/Discounts, Subscriptions Available - Sign Up!

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