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Asked Questions

Why are deliveries done on certain days?

Unlike your local grocery store, we grow to order meaning your products are harvested the day of delivery or pick-up. Deliveries are every Friday between 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm. Clients are welcome to pick up at the farm every Saturday between 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

What are micro-sized veggie or herb blends?

Micro-sized veggie or herb blends are blends of our favorite micro-sized veggie or herb or a blend of “YOUR” favorite micro-sized veggie, herbs or baby greens. Blends are also based on the right combination of flavor, color and texture to achieve a desired outcome.

How much of micro-sized veggie and herbs or shoots should I put on a plate?

Because ingesting 1 tablespoon of micro-sized veggie or herbs equates to ingesting 2.5 cups of its mature counterpart, only a pinch of the micro-sized veggie or herb is necessary.

How much should I buy for a weeks worth of meals?

We suggest you purchase your favorite three (3) micro-sized veggie or herb which each container averages 1.5 oz of micro sized veggie or herb. That should be sufficient for a family of two.

How long should I expect my products to last?

That’s depending on the item, but in general you should expect a shelf life of 7 to 10 days. Pea Shoots for example can last up to three weeks under the right conditions

How should I care for my Naturally Grown Farms products?

Even though we take all necessary measure to mitigate pathogens throughout the entire grow, harvest and package process, it is recommended you wash your greens before eating. Keep them refrigerated for a longer shelf life.

What are micro-sized vegetables and herbs?

Micro-sized vegetables and herbs are basically baby plants. Typically they are grown very densely in soil for approximately 1 - 3 weeks until they have developed their cotyledon or “seed” leaves and possibly a set of true leaves. They are different from sprouts which are merely soaked and allowed to germinate and grow only for a few short days and are not allowed to develop any green leaf. Sprouts are typically eaten seed, root whereas micro-sized vegetables and greens are harvested by cutting the stem and leaves off above the soil, leaving the roots/seed behind.

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