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Made for Everyone

Join Our Garden

Salad Share

Programs to Choose From

Both plans feed up to 2 people a week.

However, we do have shoppers that love our Salad Blends so much, that they eat it all by themselves. 

Totally up to you and your diet!

If you are interested in either program, book a call with our grower so we can answer any other questions you may have, get you on-boarded, collect your information, and start growing your first order!

Full Garden Share

4 Weeks

  • 1 moderate size clamshell (4 oz) - rotating selection of nutritious greens, herbs, shoots, and specialty microgreen toppers used to further enhance blend flavors and colors

  • Each Week, you will receive a specialty item(s) such as culinary mushrooms, farm fresh eggs, salad dressing, artisan bread, cut flowers, or custom grown items available throughout the year.

  • Discounts on our Food Hub products available through our online store or Food Hub.

Half Garden Share

4 Weeks

  • 3 clamshells (+1.25 oz each) of rotating microgreens weekly

  • Discounts on our Food Hub products available through our online store or Food Hub.

What Is It?

Unlike traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) models where you pre-buy a share of the farm’s harvest, our model is a little different!


No long-term contract, no limits, tonnes of flexibility and it’s available year-round!


Each full salad share is considered "Super Food" and designed to enhance your meal experience delivering the highest nutrient value while adding layers of flavor and color to every meal.


The shares range in size from moderate combinations of greens, herbs, shoots, and specialty microgreens toppers to individual selections of microgreens grown weekly.


Enjoy your Salad Share year-round.

All grown in our chemical pesticide-free greenhouse grow-rooms, and did we mention they are harvested the day of pickup or delivery?

Thoughtfully Packaged

Our Salad Shares are designed to meet the needs of your busy life:

The shares are picked up or delivered weekly, with a month to month commitment, and paid for monthly or with an easy recurring payment based on the share of choice.


Because they’re grown and picked to order, they’re always fresh, highly nutritious, and ready to add to your table. 

Simply put, subscribing to our Salad Share means savoring and experiencing deeply nutritious, flavorful, and delectable garden blends such as French, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, and Italian blends that will keep you and your family happy and healthy all year round.

Who Is It For?

Our Garden Salad Share programs can be implemented into anyone's lifestyle! 

We have members that are health and nutrition-conscious and we have members who are in the process of being more aware of their nutrition intake. Most commonly, current members are chefs and home cooks that know they will be using a certain amount of one or more of our products on a weekly or monthly basis. In either case, all members choose the Garden Salad Shares because they know they want to experience more flavor, nutrition, color, and texture than a typical salad green mix.

Once you taste our products, you will keep coming back for more!

Looking to Sample Our Salad Share Blends?

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Poultry, Raw-Milk, Cheese, Produce and More 

Purchase as Needed or for Convenience/Discounts, Subscriptions Available - Sign Up!

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