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Naturally Grown Farms™ is family owned and operated, located in the heart of Argyle, TX. Our farm's core focus is to produce the safest, most nutritious, and flavor-packed farm-fresh products for home kitchens and restaurants! 

Who We Are


Our regenerative growing philosophy and practice combine the past (when organic was a belief system, not a label) and the future (21st-century greenhouse technologies) where sustainability initiatives such as water and energy conservation, and renewable energy become critical to advancing the future of ethical farming. Our products are Non-GMO, Pesticide, Chemical, and Steroid-Free.

Since 2014

We have served our local community and continue to serve new communities in North Texas including Plano, Frisco, Allen, Little Elm and more. Over the years, our client production interests and needs evolved to creating a custom premium Food Hub (Fresh & Local Near You) which has become our standard offering. 

Who We

Farm For

Our products are perfect for any home kitchen and professional kitchens looking to expand the flavors, nutrients and value of their meals. 

If you are interested in more information on our consumer and restaurant programs, contact us so we can get you set up!

Products Expanded

Since our start, we have grown our product options...​

  • Wide variety of Micro Size Vegetables, Greens and Herbs

  • Grass Fed & Finished Beef

  • Pastured Pork

  • Pastured Poultry & Eggs 

  • Raw-Milk, Cream & Cheese

  • Produce & Protein Box Program

  • Honey and more

Micro-Sized Vegetables and Herbs First

We started out growing shoots and micro-sized vegetables and herbs for our own personal health. The benefits from these nutrient-dense greens were truly unbelievable and we knew we just had to share it with everyone around us.


Our Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) model ensures the highest degree of attention to detail to minimize or eliminate potential microbial, chemical, and physical contamination of produce at all points of our production process. 

1  —

You Order

Make your order online BY MIDNIGHT on SUNDAY so that we can PLANT that order when we wake up Monday morning!

2  —

We Plant

All orders made by midnight on Sunday are now ready to be planted  Monday NOT picked up just yet.

3 —

We Wait

As you know, all plants take time to grow... so you and I, we have to wait for the deliciousness to grow.

4 —

We Harvest

All that wait was worth it because we waited to harvest your order at it's PRIME!

5  —

Finally, All Yours!

After your order is done growing, we will contact you to make your pick-up or delivery arrangements. 

Our Order Process:

Plant to Order

Here at Naturally Grown Farms, we do things a little differently. We have tested and figured out the best solution for us to give you the freshest order instead of handing you what's in "backstock" is by planting when you have ordered, and harvesting the day you pick up or we deliver your order to you.

There only fresher option would be growing in your yard. 

We are your personal growers who are more than proud and honored to PLANT YOUR ORDER. 

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